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The Key at Parkgate

What do children do at The Key?

· Follow the National Curriculum which is adapted to suit their needs in smaller groups or 1-1.

· Have lots of opportunities to learn with the children and adults.

· Follow classroom routines, but with extra help to encourage and reward good behaviour.


Can I visit the Key?

· All parents and carers are asked to come and visit The Key to see what we do.

· Your child’s teacher and helpers are also invited along to visit The Key.


How will I find out what progress my child is making?

· Staff from The Key will regularly meet with your child’s Class  Teacher. You are always welcome at The Key.

How can The Key help your child?

· Offer your child extra time with their learning.

· Build on the things he/she can already do.

· Show your child new ways of getting on better in school, with friends and at home.

· Help your child to break old habits and ways of behaving that are holding them back.

Can The Key help you as a Parent/Carer?

· Build on skills you already have as a parent / carer.

· Find ways of working with you to help improve your child’s behaviour.

· Help you to get along better with your child and have some fun with other parents / carers with similar needs.

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