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Our Ethos and Values

Our Aims-what we want our school to be

· Warm and Welcoming

· Exciting and Inspiring

· Part of the local community

Our Values-how we will act and behave

· Professional and approachable

· Be inspirational role model

· Work effectively as a whole team

We would like our children to:

· Develop a love of learning!

· Feel safe and happy and secure

· Become independent learners and creative thinkers

· Be resilient, ambitious and proud of their achievements


We would like our parents and carers to:

· Support a love of learning!

· Feel valued as partners of our school

· Support their child's learning journey


We would like our teaching community to:

· Instil a love of learning!

· Be committed to their profession and our children

· Be approachable and positive

· Work as a team

· Be inspired and inspire others