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Our last Inspection report

Our latest Ofsted report, carried out in June 2013 graded the school as 'good'.

These are a few examples of the comments made regarding the school:


'Pupils enjoy coming to the school and do well'.

'Their attitudes to learning is strong and they work well together'.

'They feel safe and they are friendly and polite to each other and adults'.

'Children in the nursery and reception classes and nursery get off to an excellent start because teaching is outstanding'.

'Disabled pupils and those with Special Educational Needs make good progress'.

'Pupils who speak English as an additional language benefit from specialist teaching'.

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What we do well:

“Keeping the children engaged – both boys always have stories to share over dinner of their day” – Year 1 & 3 parent

“Teaching. You are doing very well. I’m happy with you” – Year 5 parent

“Assembly was well organised, very informative and very encouraging for the children. Keep up the good work” – Year 2 parent

“ Help and support every child’s individual needs” – Year 1 parent

“My child loves coming to school” – Year 1 parent

“I really appreciate the way you encourage the children to focus on maths. Such as big maths & time table challenge” – Year 4 parent

“You do very well with educating my child he comes home very happy and knowledgeable of all subjects he’s participated in” – Year 3 parent

“Encouraging the children to do their best” – Year 6 parent

“Praising the children for work well done. I love the celebration assemblies” – Year 6 parent

“In my experience Parkgate  has been very welcoming and great for my son. I don’t think there is anything you need to change or do better as it’s all good enough” – Year 1 parent

“The celebration assemblies are a good motivation for success across all levels” – Year 5 Grandparent

“Keeping unruly children in check. Good integration. Pleasant schooling environment” – Year 5 parent

“Love the rainbow room, celebration assembly and attendance awards” – Year 5 parent

“Involving parents and keep them up to date on progress, don’t always focus on the negatives, gives praise where needed” – Year 3 parent