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Parent Voice

What Parkgate do well...

"Sometimes I struggle to get my child to focus and work, but he hasn't stopped working on the new website! He is pushing himself to work on his own which is brilliant!" - Parent

"The things for the children to do are great. They are helping my son to learn." - Parent

“Keeping the children engaged – both boys always have stories to share over dinner of their day” – Year 1 & 3 parent

“Teaching. You are doing very well. I’m happy with you” – Year 5 parent

“Assembly was well organised, very informative and very encouraging for the children. Keep up the good work” – Year 2 parent

“Help and support every child’s individual needs” – Year 1 parent

“My child loves coming to school” – Year 1 parent

“I really appreciate the way you encourage the children to focus on maths. Such as big maths & time table challenge” – Year 4 parent

“You do very well with educating my child he comes home very happy and knowledgeable of all subjects he’s participated in” – Year 3 parent

“Encouraging the children to do their best” – Year 6 parent

“Praising the children for work well done. I love the celebration assemblies” – Year 6 parent

“In my experience Parkgate  has been very welcoming and great for my son. I don’t think there is anything you need to change or do better as it’s all good enough” – Year 1 parent

“The celebration assemblies are a good motivation for success across all levels” – Year 5 Grandparent

“Love the rainbow room, celebration assembly and attendance awards” – Year 5 parent

“Involving parents and keep them up to date on progress, don’t always focus on the negatives, gives praise where needed”–Year 3 parent