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At Parkgate Primary School spoken language, reading and writing skills are taught explicitly each day and used and applied across the whole curriculum.

At Parkgate Primary School we use ‘Talk 4 Writing’ to plan and teach Literacy. This whole school approach to teaching and learning helps children to develop, use and apply their skills in spoken language, reading and writing. Throughout the whole school, children learn a wide range of quality stories, non-fiction texts and poems by heart which they then use to develop their writing skills. Ultimately, they create their own writing, through the stages of Imitation, Innovation and Invention. (See English Policy).

The 'Talk 4 Writing' approach is underpinned by the daily teaching of handwriting, spelling, grammar and punctuation.


At Parkgate we teach handwriting following a specific structured style. Attached below is further information on handwriting, and also an example of the guidelines we use with children.  The children take part in daily handwriting sessions following a scheme called Pen Pals.