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Year 5

Meet the team


Curriculum Overview

Please click on the link to find our curriculum overview which shows all of the topics we cover throughout the year.

Meet the Parents

At the start of each academic year we hold a meet the parents session.  Click on the link below to view the PowerPoint which is shared.


This half term we will focus on the following areas:

Looking at poetry and using our own ideas to create a fantastic space poem. We will be reading Varjak Paw this half term which is a tale of fear. We will use our suspense toolkit to create our own tale of fear story and impress our teachers with all the different skills that we will be learning throughout the unit too. Towards the end of this half term we will be writing explanation texts and applying all the different writing techniques in our writing. During all of our English lessons we will be looking at different skills to improve our Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. 



This half term we will focus on the following areas:

Learning all about negative numbers, we will be using our rounding and estimating skills to help us with our tricky sums. We will also be looking at fractions and converting them between mixed fractions and improper fractions. Towards the end of the half term we will be focusing on shape and measure, looking at converting different measurements and finding areas of mixed shapes. All throughout this half term we will be using all the skills we have learnt in different problem solving activities and using our reasoning skills too.

School Council


School Trips

This area is dedicated to information and photos from any trips throughout the year.