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Year 2

Meet the team


Curriculum Overview

Please click on the link to find our curriculum overview which shows all of the topics we cover throughout the year.

Meet the Parents

At the start of each academic year we hold a meet the parents session.  Click on the link below to view the PowerPoint which is shared.


During this half term we will focus on the following objectives:


* Use capital letters and punctuation correctly

* Use full stops, question marks, exclamation marks and commas for lists in writing

* To join two simple ideas in a sentence using and, but or so.

* To write sentences of three

* Use a range of adjectives

* Use adverbs in writing e.g. slowly

* Understand new vocabulary used in non-fiction and use in writing

* Write a story with an interesting opening and ending

* Write a report, using sub headings to organise it

* Continue to join my writing and to write neatly

* Develop my spelling of the Year 2 common exception words



* Read stories and talk about the plot of the story

* Read non-fiction texts and discuss how they are organised, including the features

* Answer questions about a text, finding evidence to support my answer

* Write down my answers to questions

* Make predictions in stories

* Express my likes and dislikes

* Read many words by sight


During this half term we will focus on the following objectives:

* Count on and back in tens, twos and threes

* Count in halves

* Tell the time to the quarter hour

* Use 2,5,and 10 times table facts

* Begin to recall related division facts

* Know 1 more/less, know 10 more/less

* Recall addition and subtraction facts for numbers to 20

* read and write multiples of ten in words (up to one hundred)

* partition in different ways

* Complete missing number sums

* Add and subtract multiples of ten

* Know how much to add to reach the next ten

* Know what need to be subtracted to reach a multiple of ten

* Add TU+U including crossing a tens boundary

* Subtract TU-U crossing a tens boundary

* Recognise kg and g are units for measuring mass

* Suggest what could be measured using kg or g

* Compare masses; Use the > < and = signs

* Order masses

* Know the equivalence between coins and notes

* Find total set of mixed coins

* Combine coins to make a given amount

* Name and identify 3D shapes (cuboids, cubes, cones, prisms, pyramids);

* Recognise that shapes with the same name can look different to each other (e.g. different types of cuboid)

* Identify 2D shapes on faces

* Know a prism has the same cross-section throughout and the 2 end faces are the same

* Describe features (edges, vertices, faces)

* Begin to read and write the names of shapes

School Council


School Trips

This area is dedicated to information and photos from any trips throughout the year.