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‘Parkgate Primary School is a member of The Futures Trust, a Multi Academy Trust, a limited company and a charitable company registered in England and Wales.

The Trust’s company number is  8678162. Parkgate Primary School and The Futures Trust is authorized by The Secretary of State for Education and regulated by The Department of Education. The company is bound by the provisions of its Funding Agreement and the Education (Independent School Standards) (England) Regulations 2010.

The MAT is one legal entity, a charitable company limited by guarantee.

There are three levels of Governance:

1. Members, who agree articles which define the charitable purpose and how the MAT will run, appoint Trustees and remove if necessary, sign off company accounts and annual report and hold the Board of Trustees to account.

2. A Board of Trustees (Directors) who have ultimate responsibility for running each academy and will deal with the strategic running of the MAT. The Board delegates day-to-day running of each academy to a Local Governing Body (LGB). The level of delegation can be different for each academy. Accountability always remains with the Board of Trustees.

3. A Local Governing Body who have powers delegated by the Board of Trustees to oversee the day to day running of each academy.

Annual funding is allocated to each academy on an individual basis. The MAT is a single employer, sharing procurement and resources across the group.

In order to set up The Futures Trust, a number of legal documents are put in place between the Trustees and The Secretary of State for Education.

A copy of the school’s Supplementary Funding Agreement can be found below.

The Trust’s Registered Office is:

President Kennedy School
Rookery Lane

Tel: 024 7666 1416’

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an academy?

    Academies are state schools, free from local authority control, directly funded by the Department of Education. Academies have greater freedoms to determine how the school’s funding is utilized to optimize the educational outcomes for its students and are able to direct their own operational procedures such as the taught curriculum and the hours of the school day.

  • Who runs an academy?

    The academy is run by an ‘Academy Trust’ who oversees a governing body. The Academy Trust is a legal body which operates a charitable organization and a company limited by guarantee. The Trust has a formal agreement with the Department of Education to provide educational services to its students.

  • How is an academy funded?

    Academies are funded directly by the Education Funding Agency (part of the Department of Education). This means that academies receive 100% of their grant (rather than a proportion of these funds being diverted to the local authority) and are free to choose how to spend it, as long as it is spent on improving the education of its students.

  • Why is Parkgate School considering becoming an academy?

    In a time of uncertainty, the school’s governing body wish to sustain the excellent progress made in recent years and enable the school to continue to work with other local schools to improve the educational outcomes for all local children in our area.

  • How will Parkgate School change if it becomes an academy?

    To our children and their families and our staff, Parkgate School will seem unchanged after conversion. The school will continue to focus on learning, placing our children’s needs first and removing barriers to their success.

    A number of primary schools in Coventry have converted to academy status and are free to direct their budget in the best interests of their children, their staff and their community. As an academy, Parkgate School would also have this freedom, including engaging the services of the local authority where this is deemed in the best interests of our children, our staff and our community.

  • If Parkgate School becomes an academy could it either become selective or change its admission criteria?

    If Parkgate School converts to academy status, the school controls its own admissions. However, our admissions criteria would remain unchanged and we would not become a selective school.

  • Will Parkgate School continue to admit students with Special Educational Needs (SEN)?

    Yes. Parkgate School has a strong inclusion ethos, a very successful Overcoming Barriers to Learning team and an excellent track record ensuring its SEN children achieve their potential. The local authority retains the responsibility for children with statements of special educational needs and monitoring arrangements for SEN children in academies.

  • What will the relationship be with the Local Authority?

    Parkgate School has an excellent long standing working relationship with the local authority. The governors expect this relationship to continue. It is likely the school will continue to purchase services offered by the local authority in the future.

  • What would Parkgate School do differently if it were an academy?

    The governors believe that our children, parents and our community have benefited greatly from the sustained improvement in the school’s performance in recent years. Any changes introduced would build upon progress made and be focused upon higher quality teaching and learning and overall improving educational outcomes for our children.

  • Will there be any change to the name of the school or the school uniform?

    No, the name will remain Parkgate Primary School. Our letter heads will acknowledge that we are part of a Trust. There are no plans to change the school uniform or our expectations that it will be worn to a high standard.

  • Can we afford the set up costs of becoming an academy?

    Yes. The governors have carefully assessed the costs associated with conversion together with the grant issued by the Department of Education to converting academies. The governors have concluded that the cost of transfer can be met without using funding allocated within its budget for running the school.

  • How will the pay and conditions of Parkgate’s current staff be affected?

    If the school becomes an academy, our staff will cease to be employed by the local authority and will instead be employed directly by the school. However, the terms and conditions of their employment, including their pay and conditions, will remain unchanged.

  • How will becoming an academy affect term dates and the working day?

    There are no plans to deviate from currently agreed term dates or the hours of the working day. Any changes to term dates or the working day would be subject to a separate consultation process.

  • Will pension arrangements change for teachers and support staff?

    The teachers’ pension scheme and support staff (Local Government) pension scheme are run by bodies external to the school. These arrangements would be unchanged if Parkgate School were to become an academy. On conversion, the liability for the support staff Local Government Pension Scheme transfers to the school and the school would maintain the scheme by making employer contributions in the normal way.

    There would be no ‘break in service’ for staff within either scheme, if the school were to become an academy.

  • Will staff have to apply for their jobs? Will there be redundancies?

    No. Staff who are currently employed by the local authority and who work for Parkgate School, transfer automatically to the school’s employment the moment the school becomes an academy. These are known as TUPE arrangements and are conducted by the local authority.

  • Who deals with complaints about schools that have converted to academy status?

    Parents or carers who have a complaint about their son or daughter’s academy school would need to contact the school directly. Parkgate School has a well established complaints procedure and we would expect this procedure to continue if the school becomes an academy.

  • How can you find out more about academies?

    The Department of Education website is a very good source of information relating to academies. www.education.gov.uk/academies